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Introducing BeBloomin IVC

BeBloomin’s unique new capability allows your organization to offer your customers immediate and live, face to face support.

As your organization strives to compete in the ever-changing marketplace, BeBloomin IVC (Instant Video Chat) SpeechBubble1leverages technology to establish closer relationships with your customers. BeBloomin IVC adds the personal touch—just short of physically shaking hands. By using face to face communication, your organization will raise the bar with truly exceptional customer service. You can also use BeBloomin IVC to create closer ties to your business partners and associates.

The potential is huge for healthcare, retail, financial services, and social service organizations. Nobody likes talking to a machine. BeBloomin IVC places the value of human connection at the core of your customer engagement.

How it Works

Simply place a unique “Videochat With Us Now” button on your website or in your emails and e-newsletters. Any current or potential client can click on the button to be connected through video chat with a representative within your company.

Users see a customized slide show that delivers relevant content while waiting for their call to be accepted. The representative may use this time to prepare for the call.

Multiple people can be added into a BeBloomin IVC video call as appropriate. During a call, it is possible to bring onto the screen a document, website, spreadsheet, or other information for reviewing with
the caller.

Very simple, easy and clean

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BeBloomin has developed a two-way video call center, housed in Wadena, Minnesota, to answer your calls and questions.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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