What Is BeBloomin

The Solution for Thriving in Placesm

BeBloomin brings to the home and mobile devices an integrated set of personal, community and health services and technologies to continuously enhance the quality of life of seniors, aging baby boomers, and family caregivers. BeBloomin provides a wide range of easy-to-use computer-assisted capabilities for individuals and families to stay active in their communities, supportively connected with each other and with the organizations on which they rely.

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As illustrated in this diagram, BeBloomin takes a whole-life approach to people’s needs, providing tools and connectivity in all of life’s areas:

A new model for Solving Community Needs:

Exciting New Programs

BeBloomin is currently available in the U.S. and to friends and family of U.S. users.
Pilot programs are underway in both urban and rural communities.

If you are interested in BeBloomin, either as an individual user (consumer) or as a commercial business, service organization or professional or health/medical services organization, please Contact Us.

To learn about our partnemrship with OCCOA in Otsego County, MI, follow the link below:

 Bullet-LeafOtsego County Commission on Aging


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