Be Connected
BeBloomin communicates clearly with you so you can communicate with others. Easy to read screens, guide you along pathways that lead to family, friends, healthcare providers, church, and community, as well as the greater community beyond.
So fear not! With BeBloomin, getting connected is as easy as walking down a garden path.
Be Healthy
Whether you have an appointment with your doctor or feel you might have a cold coming on, you are never far from the attention of your participating healthcare professionals. Even if two feet of snow lay outside your door and no one is available to give you a ride, through BeBloomin, they can see you and you can see them, often so important when feeling poorly or concerned about your health.
So don’t worry. Be well.
Be Playful
BeBloomin brings to you so much of what makes life fun—trips to the park and visits to the zoo with your family, birthday parties and book talks with your friends, games to keep you sharp and shopping to keep you looking smart—all without leaving home. There’s a great big garden out there just waiting for you.
Come play with BeBloomin.
We are Blooming Everywhere

BeBloomin builds pathways to every corner of your world. Neither distance, weather, mobility, nor access to transportation need restrict your activities. Whether on your computer, phone, tablet, or other mobile devices, you can be in touch with all that makes life good.

BeBloomin enriches life for the aging, the home-bound, and caregivers by offering an integrated system of easy-to-access, easy-to-use tools to connect to family, friends, and every aspect of your community - be that your church, your healthcare providers, your grandchild’s school, volunteer opportunities, or any number of organizations which keep you happy, healthy, and strong.

None of us need be disconnected. Not when we can BeBloomin.

And we all know how maddeningly fast things change and how frightening the world can appear when it seems that everyone else knows something we don’t. Still we don’t want to stop learning. Learning is an adventure. Learning keeps our brains healthy and our minds active. So think of BeBloomin as your personal and patient professor, offering books, news, classes, tours, and entertainment, all from your home. None of us is too old to learn. None of us is too old for adventure.
Through a set of in-home sensors from a BeBloomin partner organization, but without invading your privacy, differences can be detected between your normal daily routine and your current behavior which may indicate a problem. Even if your daily routine is not routine, you have assurance that, should a situation arise where you are unable to call for help, you are never cut off from your family, friends, and care team. Don’t you feel safer already?
We believe there is no greater gift than giving of ourselves. As we age, we often have more time, experience, and wisdom to share. E-voluteering through BeBloomin offers nearly unlimited opportunities to reach out to those who need what you have to give. And remember, while giving of yourself, you often receive from those you help.
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